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The Devotchkas in Hardcore Ink Magazine!

Got this awesome thing in the mail today!Its Hardcore ink`s premiere issue from 2000.And with non other than Alaine from The Devotchkas on the cover!In the middle of the magazine theres a post abou...

Review: Maid Of Ace

Maid Of Ace`s distorted sound mixes perfectly with my idea of what punk music is!Its a full on mind-riot from start to finish with this band. This album is a punk-rock-must-have!Their lyrics...

Review: Comminor - Lets Call It Art

After 6 years of concerts and touring!Comminorshighly anticipateddebut album is finally here!And its good as gold!Their Swedish Punk Attitude definitelyshines trough on this album.Listen to the son...

Review: The Casualties - Chaos Sound

After almost 4 years , The Casualties has finally released a new album!And its notdisappointing!Picture by Angela BoatwrightChaos sound is a slightly different album then their last , Restistance.I...

Rebellion Punk Festival 2014 Flashbacks!

Since i just got my ticket for Rebellion Festival 2016 ,i tought why not share some pictures from last last years Rebellion!:DFor those of you who havent heard of Rebellion Punk Music festival , it...
Trendkilling Music

Trendkilling Music

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Trend Killing Music! The title says it all, this is a blog focusing on trend-killing music, both domestic and abroad! Interviews, music review's and alternative fashion are some of the things that will be regular topics . Stay tuned !