mai 2017

Interview with Riotgrrrl : Isis Queen From Barb Wire Dolls!

Name: Isis Queen From: Greece Age? Depends on the day and the outfit I wear.   Isis Queen is the leadsinger of the Greek punk band Barb Wire Dolls. Shes known for her exellent stag...

Review: The Yum Yuckers - A Tragic History ( Vinyl)

The bands guitarist Mande sent me this beauty after me begging for a purple version for like ever! :D If you havent heard of this amazing band ,you really should givem a listen : https://yu...

My style , My Statement! : Rockabilly Fashion With Stament From: Rakel Haugen!

We have all had that fascination of the clothing styles that has been in past , right? All from the 50s swing Dress to the mordern Rockabilly  Pinup Dresses and fashion. The 50s style...

Interview with Riotgrrrl Rosalyn Mazzola AKA Casper Rose From The Distillers and PrettyLittleShindig!

Rosalyn Mazzola AKA Casper Rose USA   Rosalyn is the vocalist of the brand new and upcoming band PrettyLittleShindig! You may also know her as Casper Rose from the punkband The Distill...
Trendkilling Music

Trendkilling Music

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Trend Killing Music! The title says it all, this is a blog focusing on trend-killing music, both domestic and abroad! Interviews, music review's and alternative fashion are some of the things that will be regular topics . Stay tuned !