januar 2016

Rebellion Punk Festival 2014 Flashbacks!

Since i just got my ticket for Rebellion Festival 2016 ,i tought why not share some pictures from last last years Rebellion!:DFor those of you who havent heard of Rebellion Punk Music festival , it...

New Generation Riot Girls!

New generation Riot Girls! You will find Riot Girls where ever you go , in every shape , sizes and styles.They are everywhere and will allways exist..Sometimes you cant even spot them , cause they...

Trendkilling Music!

Trendkilling Music !Tittelen sier seg selv , dette er en blogg med hovedfokus p trend drepende musikk , bde innenlands og utenlands!Intervjuer , musikk anmeldelser , alternativ mote er noe av de ...
Trendkilling Music

Trendkilling Music

2, Oslo

Trend Killing Music! The title says it all, this is a blog focusing on trend-killing music, both domestic and abroad! Interviews, music review's and alternative fashion are some of the things that will be regular topics . Stay tuned !