The Distillers Are Back!

I bet you all have heard the news: The Distillers are back togheter!

Brody Dalle, the lead singer of The Distillers +(Spinnerette, Brody Dalle),shared this morning a 34 seconds long clip of their well know song Coral Fang in a different style, with the caption: The Distillers 2018 on her Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

She also updated her Facebook header to a new version of the Distillers logo both on her artist profile and the Distillers profile. 

Easily understandable, this triggerd a mass hysteria within the Distillers fanbase, who has dreamed of this moment since The Distillers broke up in 2006,12 years ago. 

Even better they will hopefully have the same lineup as on their 3rd record Coral fang,as both Tony and Andy confirmed on their Twitter and instagram. We are all waiting and hopeing for Ryan to confirm his part aswell. 



This is really a dream come true for alot of us Distillers fans around the world. They havent played as a band since 2006, But their comeback Couldnt have come at a better time. This year it will be their 20 year anniversary! 

Their first EP (1998/1999) and Selftitled record came out in 2000 and was an instant hit. So was their second album Sing Sing Death House (2002) with its raw angryness . Their third and la(te)st album Coral fang (2003) was a bit "softer"  than the previous albums, But the fans loved it!

Now we are, hopefully,  getting a fourth album. The expectations are high and the excitment even higher. 

Brody Dalle has gotten the best musicians on her team, and we all know what kind of incredible music they can make, so Im pretty confident this record will kick just as much ass as the previous ones! 

Follow Brody Dalle/ The Distillers on Facebook: https://Www.facebook.com/BrodyDalle/ https://Www.facebook.com/ABandCalledTheDistillers

Twitter :http://https://twitter.com/BrodyDHomme / https://twitter.com/The_Distillers_

and Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/nerdjuice79/ / https://www.instagram.com/the_distillers_official/

for updates! 

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