Review: J'aime Rachelle - At the end of the rainbow EP!

As you all know, punk is a big deal in the world right now.

We have the really fast and angry punk,But also the softer, pure and more melodic punk. 

So now I want you all to imagine this new genere: Sparkly Pink Unicorn Punk! 

And yes,it excists! 

An amazing artist from Belfast, Nothern Ireland, has really taken the punk scene by storm. With her amazing, uniqe voice, and sugarcute punkrock image.

She played Rebellion this year and will be playing at the Rebellion Festival next year as well! 

So let me get to the gold here.

Her name is J'aime Rachelle and is 20 years old. She playes her sets motlys akustisk,both has also used her pink el-guitar. 

She has released an selfmade EP called "At The End Of The Rainbow" 

The artwork is truly amazing, and her lyrics are wide. Its all from mental health,feminism and animal rights. 

You can really feel her pain in the song " pay as you go"

Everyone who knows her, or follow her social medias, know the struggle She has had these last years. So its so amazing that she shares with everyone, that they are not alone with all these struggles with mental health and eating disorders.

I recomend you all to go to her band camp: https://jaimerachelleofficial.bandcamp.com/releases  and buy and dowload all 4 amazing songs! 😁


*pictures taken from J'aime Rachelle 's official Facebook & Instagram. 

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