Interview with Riotgrrrl : Isis Queen From Barb Wire Dolls!

Name: Isis Queen
From: Greece
Age? Depends on the day and the outfit I wear.


Isis Queen is the leadsinger of the Greek punk band Barb Wire Dolls.

Shes known for her exellent stage performances and great vocals.

With her blonde hair , blood red lipstick  and punkrock image , Isis is a riot girl with a big R!

So heres the interview!


Can you remember when your interest for music started?

My mother introduced me to The Doors when I was very little and I always remembered that. But growing up I always loved listening to old Motown albums and compilations from the 50`s. I have no idea where I got this music from but me and my sister had a slight obsession for it.


What made you  start playing music ? 

When I met Pyn Doll our guitarist, he introduced me to a lot of music that eventually would influence me enough to want to start a band together.


What made you sing in the style you do?

Two bands had the biggest influence on me to start Barb Wire Dolls. After moving to "The Ikarus" (an artist commune in Crete Greece; I ended up watching "The Song Remains The Same" a music documentary on Led Zeppelin. I was so enthralled with this 2 hr movie that I ended up watching it 3 times in a row which made me want to start a band. But it was being introduced to The Sex Pistols music that made that dream of starting a band a reality. If they could do it, so could I!  Zeppelin gave me the dream and the Pistols gave me the reality to do it.


How did you learn how to sing? 

By listening and singing along to the other singer/songwriters staying at "The Ikarus". I would sing along to Pyn Doll`s songs every week at the parties and eventually would learn them. He asked if I wanted to start a band together and that`s how we started collaborating.


Do you  remember the first song you learned to sing to?

The first album I clearly remember playing continuously was a tape of David Bowie. I don?t know what album it was but it was Bowie in a suit looking handsome with a light blue background. The way he looked was just as important as his music because I would sing and dance while holding the cassette cover pretending I was dancing and singing with him.


Which musicians has had the most impact on you ? 

It has varied throughout my existence but the main influence for the band has been the first wave of Punk from the 70`s. We even named the band after the idea and controversy of the New York Dolls.


Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

The first wave of Punk from the 70`s is so important for me. Those bands were all so different from each other and they stated that you can create your own style and not apologize for it. You can find other people that are like minded and change  the way things are.


What does playing music means to you?

Freedom. Magic. Love. Expression. Sex. 


Can you remember and describe your very first instrument, and what it ment to you?

My grandfather was a priest so even though I did not grow up in a musical family there was singing. Though I had no idea how to sing in tune for many years, I think those first memories going to church and having music be based on vocal melody only, influenced me to want to sing in a band.


Are you ever influenced by old records & tapes? 

Unfortunately I do not care for the music of my generation and so I confide in old records and tapes to hear the music that inspires me.


When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

I am bored and disgusted by the state of music today. So my response to the neglect of real rock n roll is to start my own band. Barb Wire Dolls is exactly the sound, image and songwriting that I love. It truly is our real expression as a collective.


How  did you get your band together?

While living in at "The Ikarus" me and Pyn Doll would travel the 9hr boat ride to Athens every weekend to play shows because no one would book us in Crete coz they didn`t like the fact that we were a loud punk band. In Athens we met our drummer Krash Doll and the band really took off from there. We would put on free shows that we called "Punk Rock Matinees" every Sunday and eventually a scene started from there. Our name and demo reached a legendary rock DJ by the name of Rodney Bingenheimer who started playing our demo non stop on his show in Los Angeles on the biggest rock radio station in the world; KROQ. Since that was the biggest opportunity a Greek band had ever gotten, we sold everything we had and bought the tickets to LA where we ended up becoming the first rock band from Greece to play the U.S. 


Which bands have you played in / Are you  playing in?

Barb Wire Dolls is my first and only band.


How would you describe your music style to other people?

LOUD and unconventional


I know you have played alot of gigs , does it  ever happen that you  get nervous before a show?

Rarely. I do not feel like I have something to prove when I get on stage so I don`t get nervous. 


What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

Do it for the love of the music you have inside of you. Don`t follow anyone elses rules or advise. Be spontaneous.


What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

It is rare that I go to concerts because I don`t want to see the older bands that I like because either they are doing reunion tours (and don`t really care about creating new music) or the younger bands are playing music that I don`t care for and has no well of artistic energy.


Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play? 

No, but most venues book us because we are different and loud.


As a girl , have you experienced being underestimated musically?

No, but I don`t think of myself as different from anyone else so I don`t put out that energy. I love who I am and feel confident that that is all that matters.


Is it difficult for  you  to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

I don`t have a personal life so that is not a problem. My life revolves around the band and surfing. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to surf when you are on tour, but I only think about it if I see surf on the way to the venue.


What is your best music related memory?

Playing to over 45,000 people at a festival we were one of the headliners for in Spain. I did everything I thought of doing on stage naturally and the crowd was going ballistic in return! 


Listening to your  records (Barb Wire Dolls)  , i can hear you have your own vocal sound  , is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

No, not at all. I am not musically trained. Neither is the rest of the band. We are all self taught so it all comes out with no thought only through radical expression.


As mentioned earlier , you  are the lead singer in the band Barb Wire Dolls , how is that experience for you?

You have the power inside of each and every one of you to create the life experiences that you believe you are worthy of. Being in this band for me is the example of that. 


And last but not least , what  goals do you want to reach with your music?

I find myself every time I play music. I realize my potentials and my abilities. It has opened and world of confidence and beauty that I now live my life by. There should be no excuses or compromising when choosing life goals. Everything is possible. Do not look to the outside world to find acceptance, you have it at all times inside of you. You will find the people you need to connect and bring your reality to the next level. Join us at a show and know that music can inspire and fulfil your senses.

Thanks to Isis for this interview!

Be sure to check out her band`s music here:



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