Review: The Yum Yuckers - A Tragic History ( Vinyl)

The bands guitarist Mande sent me this beauty after me begging for a purple version for like ever! :D

If you havent heard of this amazing band ,you really should givem a listen : https://yum-yuckers.bandcamp.com

First of all , just LOOK at that vinylcolor and coverdesign.
It grabs your attention and gives you an urge to buy and listen to it!

Roy,the vocalist, has a captivating voice and brings the lyrics forth in one hell of a way!
His voice is a mix between Jim Lindbergh and Glen Danzig ,and its a perfect match!

Mande , the Guitarist, brings the mood to the songs with her great guitarsound.
She`s riffin her way trough the songs , and you cant help yourself from starting a moshpit!

Joe,the bassist, has the heaviest but still mentally charging bassound , wich makes the songs a total brainparty.

Sean,the drummer, matches it all with his spot on drumming. Every song has perfectly matched drumbeats!

Favourite song must be Populist Morality , for its agressiveness and hard sound.

You should totally buy this record , its pure gold! Or should I say Purple? >:D
You can get your copy here:

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