My style , My Statement! : Rockabilly Fashion With Stament From: Rakel Haugen!

We have all had that fascination of the clothing styles that has been in past , right?
All from the 50s swing Dress to the mordern Rockabilly  Pinup Dresses and fashion.

The 50s styled clothing is easily recognized by the polkadots and swingskirts!

Fabulous from start to end,and with all the amazing accessories to compliment your outfit , WOW!*

Photo : Lill v/Kvernberget fotostudio

Theres only ONE Rockabilly Chick I know , that would be perfect to get a My Style ,My statment from : Rakel Haugen

When my interest for the pinup rockabilly style started, I'm not entirely sure,
but it has only increased in recent years. It has always been important for me to have an individual style,
I love the feminine and rock style. In the pinup rockabilly style, you have big variations and I like to vary according to the way I feel every day. The 40-50's clothes are made to fit all types of bodies and I feel comfortable in the clothes of this era. Makeup and hair takes some time and requires exercise, sweating,
hairpins and hairspray, but it's fun when you finally get it !! Pinup rockabilly is
"body positivity" and fabulous fashion , all in one 👍 - Rakel Haugen

Photo : Lill v/Kvernberget fotostudio

Photo: Rakel Haugen
And lets not forget the amazing polkadots! They come in all shapes and sizes!

Photo : Rakel Haugen
Leopard print is a big Rockabilly Fashion Pattern! 

And ofcourse , the Punup Fringe! Huge trademark!

Photo: Sigve Torland

Photo: Rakel Haugen

Thanks to Rakel for her style and statement !

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