Review : Fuck Frankie - TwoBeat Continued !

Its finally here! Fuck Frankies FIRST vinyl!
I`ve been waiting for this vinyl for ages, and let me tell you , it was worth the wait!

Everything is perfect on this record.
Their sound is harder: with a hint of SKA, hardcore and softer punk.
The coverart, lyrics , even the black vinyl seems more black than the usual.

With the record comes this amazing handmade lyricsheet made by the band. 

The drawings are by the bands guitarist , Lisa Bckstrm.
She also has her own cartoon magazine: http://backstromlisa.tictail.com/​

Photos in the sheet are by the band , Camille Polsk and Bjrn Petterson.

The total impact of Mathilda`s raw vocals , Lisa`s argressive riff`s , Orri`s genius solos ,
Jovan`s insane beats and Gustav`s badass basslines is a just what the punkrock musicscene needs.

Take a listen to the song "All Night Long and you" .Funny lyrics and exceptional music!

And when you first start to spin it , you cant stop flippin` it!

I dont know how many times this has been played at my turntable , but I needed to change the needle .
Might have to buy another record as well !

It has 12 awesome tracks wich varies in both style and speed, but all just at brilliant as the first.

The hard and angry song "Hate parade" is just amazingly brutal , it gives you the punch in the face you totally need  to stay awake in this fucked up society.

My favorite track "In The Center" has been stuck on repeat in my head since the day the band posted a teaser video on instagram .
It will NOT leave your mind.
Its catchy , happy , sad and kickass at the same time. PURE BRILLIANCE!

You know that feeling when you tought the world no longer offered you any music that could make you feel alive again?
Thats what Fuck Frankie did for me in 2012. I was revived!

So to have this vinyl in my hands is a true sign ,  this band aint going nowhere but up and forward!

Twobeat Continued is one of this years greatest punk albums!
Get your copy now , before they are gone!

You can find yours here: http://fuckfrankie.tictail.com/product/pre-order-12-vinyl-twobeat-continued

Instagram: @fuckfrankie
Homepage: http://fuckfrankiesthlm.com/
Facebook : www.facebook.com/pg/Frankiesthlm

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