Interview with Riot girl: J'aime from J'aime Rachelle band!

J'aime Rachelle 
Age 19

Photo by Stan Forsythe 

J'aime is a one-girl acuostic riotgrrrl band! She is a singer and guitarist, and her voice is as soft as velvet, but it still has that raspiness to it.
She looks like a colourfull punkrock princess with her duo-colour hair and pastel coloured outfits.
Her guitar skills are amazing, and her songs are mesmirizing
This Irish unicorn riotgrrrl will blow your mind!

So heres the interview!

Can you remember when your interest for music started?

A: it was probably when I was like a baby or something. My earliest memories are me and my dad listening to records and CD's and he was always giving me Green Day and Kaiser Chiefs and the Killers and stuff like that on CD which probably sparked my interest in alternative music. 

 When did you decide to start playing/singing music?

A: I think I was about 9 when I started writing little songs! I've only been playing live since I was 16 though. I've always been so shy and nervous about playing in front of people so even now I don't perform much in front of people. 

What made you choose the instruments you play? 

A: my dad got me a beginners acoustic guitar for my 10th birthday which I named Slash, and he sat in my wardrobe for a couple of years until I was about 12. 

How did you learn to play your instrument /sing like you do?

A: I had some lessons when I was in secondary school about age 12 until 15 but they weren't very often and I always missed my lessons. As for singing that's all self-taught! Which is probably why I don't sound like most singers out there, when I sing it's coming straight from inside me and it's pretty raw. 

Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?

A: I think it was Wonderwall by Oasis...

Which musicians have had the most impact on you ? 

A: I think my biggest inspirations would be Kathleen Hanna, Beki Bondage and Lady Gaga. They all just do their own thing and don't give a fuck about what people think of them and I really admire that, especially being female artists where they're already at a disadvantage, they've definitely proved themselves and showed gender doesn't define how well you can rock. 

Photo by Stan Forsythe 

Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

A: I think recently, Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel has been a big kick in the right direction for me to just go for it when it comes to music and not let my age and past hold me back. She is super talented and I have a lot of respect for her and what HOG are doing right now, I also love that she is so unapologetic when it comes to talking about being vegan and standing up for animal rights. She's just awesome. I think I wanna be your best friend yeah!!! 

Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?

And what it meant to you
A: my first instrument was Slash. He's covered in half-smudged Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Green Day lyrics and bits of chipped off paint now and he's pretty broken, but I still have him even though I don't play him any more. He still holds so many memories for me

Who are your favorite musicians? 

A: my favourite musicians are John Frusciante, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Paul Weller and Kurt Cobain probably. I have loads of favourite artists but these ones have been kinda solid throughout my musical journey!

When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

A: I guess it was always my goal to be a famous rock star but I never told anyone because I was afraid of being told to shut up and that its a stupid idea. But it really clicked with me I suppose when I was about 16 and I had almost died. I took it as a sign that I survived that I was meant to do something with my life and that I should be myself and not let other people's opinions get me down, that this is my life and nobody else's and that if I wanna do something that will make me happy from now on I will do it! 
I guess ever since then I've been trying my best to just do my music and not let anything hold me back and it's been so worthwhile. People from all over the world are listening to me now and taking something from my songs that can help them get through depression or something they're struggling with and it just gives me such an amazing feeling. 

How would you describe your music style to other people?

A: I guess it's just alternative acoustic, I don't really know what genre it would be, but I've got a wee angely voice that's also kinda croaky and I sing and play my acoustic guitar. I guess there's not really a genre for it. I sing about prostitution, depression, animal rights and self harm and all that shit.. Stuff people don't wanna talk about. I guess that's why punks love it even though it's not typical punk with electric guitar and loads of drums and bass and stuff. It's very raw and honest and I think you can tell how much time and effort I put into the lyrics and melodies even after hearing one or two songs. 

I know you have played alot of gigs, does it  ever happen that you get nervous before a show?

A: I actually have real bad anxiety, so before every time I perform I get very worked up and sweat loads and freak out, during my performances I get kinda shaky and scared too, but afterwards it's always such a relief and I love hearing people's feedback and reassurance that I did okay. 

 What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

A: honestly just don't fuckin copy other people. It's so obvious seeing bands out there that are just trying to be other bands. It's just cringey! Be yourself and write about what you wanna write about, sing songs that have some kinda meaning to you. 

What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

A: I love going to metal, punk, ska and mod gigs. I've a big range of music taste so I just go to whatever I feel like. One night I could be at a northern soul disco and the next night I'm at a thrash gig in the Warzone. I don't like limiting myself to one certain style or genre!


As a girl , have you experienced being underestimated musically?

A: absolutely, most of the time when I play gigs I'm one of the only girls playing or the only girl. There's a local singer from Belfast that I know called Dolores Gallagher who's always kicked ass at open mics, showing guys that it makes no difference what's in your pants, she does acoustic soul but also raps and shit. She's just so badass and I admire her so much! but it's awesome to see other girls starting to play now too like Cushla Gillespie from Doghouse Ska band, who is now doing her own acoustic sets which is lethal!!

Is it difficult for you to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

A: I guess I'm now at a point in my life where I have no job and my own flat and stuff, and I don't have any responsibilities really. So it's pretty much only one of the things I do now which is a great thing for me and for my mood just writing music and listening to other artists. 

As mentioned earlier, you are a one-girl band.
How is that experience for you? What is the best part about it?

A: I like doing music by myself because then I can be in control of how it sounds, and i can work on my own terms and not have to answer to anyone. I'm pretty hard to work with!

And how do you see the future for your music?

A: I guess at some point I would love to have a band behind me to push my songs further and give them their full potential. But I'm in no rush. I don't really mind what direction I end up going with music as long as it's always true to who I am and I'm always writing about things I feel passionately about. 


and last but not least , what  goals do you wanna reach with your music?

A: I don't have any big goals. I mean I guess every artist wants to fill stadiums and have screaming fans and have changed people's lives but I know that doesn't happen to everyone. To be honest the best feeling for me is when I have finished a set at a gig and I know that despite how much I've went through and all the shit I've had thrown at me in my life, I can still go up on stage and for half an hour everyone is watching me and listening to my own words and that's amazing. And even if that's what I'm always doing until I'm old and wrinkly that's fine by me because it's what makes me happy!

Thanks to J'aime for this interview! 

Check out her music here: https://www.facebook.com/jaimerachelleofficial/


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