Interview with: Vulpynes!

Vulpynes consists of:
Vocals & Guitar: Maeve Molly

Drums: Kaz

The Vulpynes are an all-girl punkrock band from Dublin , Ireland!
They are planing on releasing a single  , but in the meantime , you can have a listen at
https://soundcloud.com/vulpynes ! 

Where are you all from?
We're both from Dublin, Ireland!
What year was the band started and how did you meet?
Less than a year, we work fast! 
Kaz: We met through www.boards.ie on a Muscian's wanted page. I put up an advert
looking for a vocalist to jam with and Maeve replied first.
Maeve: I was looking for a band for ages and I hadn't seen any adverts that jumped out at me. Kaz's advert listed
musical influences that screamed REPLY TO ME NOW and I'm so glad I did.

Have any of you played in any previous bands?
in that case , which ones?

Kaz: I was in a few different bands in college, lots of different genres. Never anything serious.
Maeve: I haven't been in any other bands, I was playing on my own for ages then decided it was time to find a band
because playing on your own is only fun for a while.
How would you describe you music ?
Raw, energetic, gritty, lots of overdrive!
What inspires you to do music?
We have to play music, once we get something into our heads, it has to be done. We're so on the
same page, which is why we work so well as a 2 piece and it doesn't feel like anything is missing.
Do you only play your own songs or do you have som coversongs ?
We tried to play some covers but the feeling just wasn't there. It's so much more exciting to play our own stuff, something
we have created ourselves.

What language are you singing in?
English so far, but who knows what future songs will bring ! ;)
Is the music scene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?
Dublin is a fantastic city for music. It is very accepting of all genres, no matter what music a band plays, there is a place/venue/audience
to cater for it. 
Vulpynes is by far the most  awesome duo punkrock band I have heard in a while .
Vocalist and guitarist Maeve delivers a series of addictive guitar riffs ,and with her raspy , deep voice , she brings a whole lotta soul to the band. And Kaz , the amazing drummer  , gives the true feelings of anger and  kicks your minds ass with her majestic drum beats.
Vulpynes have a forthcoming single release 'Terry Said', which is out on July 28th on Spotify and iTunes.
Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a  record?
We are constantly writing new music and have written an album's worth of material in a very short space of time. We would
love to record an album and definitely will at some point. For now we are focusing on our live performance and single launch.
Watch this space!

Does Vulpynes have any concerts/tours booked for this year?
We have some local gigs confirmed, and more be to confirmed.
We're playing Fibbers on the 28th of July, which is the date of our single launch.
We are also supporting Dublin band Glimmermen in Tullamore on the 13th of August which we are delighted about!
Any words for your fans out there?
We have fans?! Jaysus thanks for listening :-)

Thanks to Vulpynes for this interview! Check out their  music here! :https://www.facebook.com/vulpynes

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