Interview with: Red Dogs!

Red Dogs are a All-girl punkband from Osaka , Japan!
They have so far released a demo ,and have thei songs avaible for download at their bandcamp!

Where are you all from?

Osaka in Japan.

What year was the band started and how did you meet?

Haruka and Kazumi formed the band Red Dogs in 2012. In 2014 Maimai joined.

Have any of you played in any previous bands?

All previously has a different band.

How would you describe you music?

Captivate Hard Rock.

What inspires you to do music?

Kazumi :Drink after the live is over beer.

Haruka:Peaceful daily life or busy daily life.


Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

Oneself touches it and feels it and thinks


Does Red Dogs have any bands/artists it has gotten influences from?

Red Dogs do not have a major music that have been affected.

What language are you singing in?

I do not speak only Japanese.

Which bands inspires you, individually, to make music?

MaiMai :The Beatles

Kazumi:hurry scuary,The easy walkers

Is the music scene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?

They are very happily accepting our songs!

What advice would you give to other bands and artists out trying to get noticed?

Red Dogs does its best hard.

RedDogs have so far released a self titled demo and 1 album. Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a record?

Yes we do. We have plans to make a new album! But time is pending.

On the demo you have the song Tricky Girl what inspired you to write /make that song/video?

The tricky girl is us. The person who listened to a CD imaged the figure which became a captive of Red Dogs

Red Dogs have been playing concerts regularly, but did/do you ever experience difficulties getting booked due to musical genre or on the stereotypes of how punk is portrayed in the media?

We are okay because they appeared to live in a variety of booking without regard to genre.

Does Red Dogs have any concerts/tours booked for this year next year?

Yes, We also plan to do a concert in the U.K in 2017.

Any last words for your fans out there?

Thank you for support! Please try to check it you can download our songs from band camp.

Thanks to Red Dogs for this interview! Check out their music here


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