Interview with Riot Girl: Maeve Molly From Vulpynes!

Maeve Molly Vulpynes

Maeve is the singer and guitarist in the Irish punkrock band vulpynes!
Shes got a distinct sound in her voice , wich makes it a dream to listen to.
Her guitarplaying gives you goosebumps and gets you in a real happy camper mood.
So much feeling and rawness are a perfect add to her band Vulpynes !
This Irish Riot Girl has much to delliver , so stay tuned!

Can you remember when your interest for music started?

Day one! I grew up in a music loving home. My parents had (and still have) the most amazing taste in music.
I was exposed to so many different styles.
I grew up on Metallica, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, REM, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the blues.
As a family we spent every weekend in music stores buying CDs and tapes. I was very lucky.
My Mam gave me a copy of Nevermind the Bollocks when I was 13. I didn`t realise it at the time,
but that was the most amazing thing ever.

What made you choose the instruments you play?

My Dad taught me how to play guitar when I was very young. I used to love reading his Total
Guitar magazines and we would play whatever parts I wanted to learn together.

How did you learn to play your instrument /sing like you do?

I played guitar for years then took a break.
During that break I started learning to play the violin. It was then that I realised I missed playing the guitar loads.
The second I got back into it I couldn`t remember why I stopped.
So I started writing music, lyrics and singing and I started to take it more seriously.
I never saw myself as a singer, I only started so I could sing the songs I was writing haha.

Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?
Which one was it?

The first stuff I learned to play on the guitar were blues riffs that my Dad taught me.
After that I learned to play every song off R.E.M's 'Out of Time' because
the tab book was knocking around my house as a kid.

Photo: Vulpynes

Which musicians has had the most impact on you ?

Oh I've loads, but I'll narrow it done as much as I can!
First there is Darkthrone. I listen to a lot of metal and their music has had the greatest impact
on me by far, they're so authentic.
I named my ESP guitar Ted after their guitarist. When I'm power walking around Dublin,
listening to Darkthrone will get me to my destination faster than any other metal band, fact.

Brody Dalle has had a huge impact on me. I'm really in awe of her.
She nails it, you really feel the raw passion on everything she touches.
Coral Fang by the Distillers is one of the most
perfect albums and I've listened to it more than 3 times a week every week for 13 years now haha.

Mark Lanegan for being one of the most powerful performers I?ve ever seen live,
there`s no problem in this world a cup of peppermint tea and a Mark Lanegan album can`t sort!

What does playing music means to you?

It`s the best way to spend time, it`s so therapeutic.
There's no better feeling than writing and playing music.

Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?
And what it ment to you?

It was a Spanish style acoustic guitar that my parents gave me.
I sadly don't have it anymore, but I have one very like it. As much as I love electric guitar
I write most of my guitar parts on the acoustic.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Phil Anselmo, Jerry Cantrell, Brody Dalle, PJ Harvey, Jack White, Kat Bjelland,
Kvelertak, Enya. To name a few ;)

When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

Always, it's something I've always been involved in and I'll never give it up.

Photo: Vulpynes

How and when did you get your band together?

I replied to Kaz's advert cos she was looking for a singer to jam with,
I knew from her first few messages that she was deadly and we instantly clicked.

which band have you played in / Are you playing in?

Vulpynes! :) It's my baby!

How would you describe your music style to other people?

As a safe bet I usually say 'punk rock/grunge', I think we fit in there somewhere ;)

I know you have played live ,
does it ever happen that you get nervous before a show?

I don't really get nervous. We rehearse a lot and if we have a gig we
make sure we have our shit together which I guess helps with the nerves.

What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

It's never too late, get stuck in and do it!

What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

I'm a serial gig attender and merchandise purchaser!
The last gig I went to was Mark Lanegan, he completely blew me out of the water.
I go to a lot of metal gigs too.
I'm going to see L7 play in the UK after the summer which I'm very excited about,
I don't mind traveling to see a good band. It's always worth it!

Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play?

Thankfully not, I'd probably start flipping tables or not be playing there in the first place haha.

As a girl , have you experienced beeing underestimatet musically?

Not at all, we've had fantastic encouragement so far.
I wouldn't be too concerned if someone's reason for under-estimating us is because we are female,
I think that would say more about the sort of person they are. And I'd
be scarlet for them haha.

Is it difficult for you to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

Not a problem at the moment thankfully, music comes first and
everything else falls into place around it ;)

What is your best music related memory?

Vulpynes first gig! We were given a support slot by Dublin band Long Tail and it really gave us
the kick up the arse we needed to start being more serious about things.
It was deadly and we were really grateful for the opportunity.

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

My lyrics are always true stories and often a lot of the content is very tongue in cheek.
I like a bit of balance.
We definitely have some very fiery numbers, but I like a bit of humour too.

Photo: Vulpynes

Your first single out the end of July is called Terry said,
what inspired you to write/ that song?

If I told you I'd have to kill you....!! That song is about putting a semi
fictional character on a pedastal and obsessing over how great they are,
but you're not really sure if they are real.

Listening to your recordings (vulpynes) , i can hear you have your own sound ,
is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

Thank you! I don't think we've worked to achieve a particular sound,
when we play together it just clicks. I'm really thankful we work so well together.
There's only 2 of us, so it is important we do ha.

And how do you see the future for you band vulpynes?

As long as we're still enjoying writing and playing music, I'm happy!

Last but not least , what goals do you wanna reach with your music?

Keep playing gigs, keep writing and enjoying what we're doing!
Oh and a few double albums and a world tour ;)

Thanks to Maeve for this interview!

Check out her band here!


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