Interview with Riot Girl: Kaz Millar from The Vulpynes!

Kaz Millar 

Photo : Kaz Millar

Kaz is the hard-hitting drummergirl of the Irish punkrockband  Vulpynes!
Her beats are fenomenal , and she drums with emotion.
Kaz will deliver you one hell of a show , not just cause of her drumming ,
but her stage presence is mesmerizing.

Can you remember when your interest for music started?

- I can't remember ever not having an interest in music! I was always writing, singing or tapping away on something growing up. My sisters are very musical, so it was constantly around me when I was young.

What made you choose the instruments you play?

- I have a love of all instruments. Love guitar, love bass, love singing, every instrument excites me! When I gave drums a go, I found it came the most natural to me and something just clicked.

How did you learn to play your instrument /sing like you do?

- I've played drums on and off for years. My older sister is a drummer, so she introduced me to them when I was about 10 years old. I did a few lessons when I was about 21, then I picked them back up at 26 to go to study music in college. Playing in a few different types of bands is brilliant for figuring out what kind of sound you want to play and what suits your drumming.

Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?
Wich one was it?

- I do! My first song I learned on the drums was Strange Currencies by R.E.M. My sister taught me aged 10. And what's lovely, is I got to perform the song at my sister's wedding last year! Was a really cool moment!

Which musicians has had the most impact on you ?

- There are so many. Manic Street Preachers, Alice In Chains, Hole, Garbage, to name a few off the top of my head! I love all types of music really, so everything influences me.

Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

- Everyone I have ever played with has taught me something I believe. I try to stay open-minded and soak up any new information I can!

What does playing music means to you?

- Everything!! Music is so amazing, it can heal you and help you out in the most trying times. I just love to play and to be a part of creating something new gives me a fire in my belly I don't get doing anything else!

Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?
And what it ment to you?

- I guess my very very first instrument would have been out old piano in our house. Loved to come home from school and make up little songs on it.

Photo : Kaz Millar

Who are your favorite musicians?

- I have so many. Again, just the bands above that have had impact on me I guess. I've seen Alice In Chains live, and was just blown away. Jerry Cantrell is a god! Manic Street Preachers earlier albums are amazing! Joey Jordison, drummer of Slipknot blows me away live too. I have so many that I love and have meant something to me at different times.

When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

- Always! It's never not been there in my head! I've tried to do other things, but music has a way of dragging you back, thankfully!

How and when did you get your band together?

- Vulpynes started when I was feeling pretty low, and after a break from music, decided to start up a band again last year. I put an ad up looking for musicians on www.Boards.ie, and Maeve, the singer of Vulpynes, was the first to reply! Something from the very start of this band felt right. So we've just been practicing and writing our asses off since!

which band have you played in / Are you playing in?

- Vulpynes :)

How would you describe your music style to other people?

- This is a tough one. Some people have called us alternative rock, punk, garage...maybe a bit of all those rolled into one!

I know you have played live , does it ever happen that you get nervous before a show?

- Yes! I try to turn all the nerves into excitement, and rehearsing your ass off before a gig and knowing that you know your shit usually helps !

What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

- I see myself as a total beginner, so I guess the only advice would be to practice loads and loads and do it if it makes you happy!

What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

- Mostly rock, I've seen so many amazing bands live over the years, I can't keep count! But I can find something to enjoy in pretty much any gig.

Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play?

- We haven't experienced that yet, and hopefully won't!

As a girl , have you experienced beeing underestimatet musically?

- I've had nothing but support, respect and help so far from both males and females so that's been brilliant.

Is it difficult for you to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

-So far, it's been fine, The band is always number 1 priority for me in my head

What is your best music related memory?

- First gig with Vulpynes!

Listening to your recordings (vulpynes) , i can hear you have your own sound , is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

- I think we just play and write the music we like. If other's like it, great, if they don't, we don't care. We don't try to follow any trends, we just play what feels right to us and have fun doing it!

Photo : Kaz Millar

And how do you see the future for you band vulpynes?

- Hopefully very good! We just love playing music, so will take the band as far as we can. We're pretty passionate about it!

and last but not least , what goals do you wanna reach with your music?

- Any and every goal we can! More gigs, more recordings, more writing, and hopefully people liking our music :)

Thank you for the interview!! :) cheers! - KaZ

Thanks to Kaz for the interview! check out her band here! :

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