Review :The Last Gang : The Split Album (TEASER)!

Folks! Prepare yourself for a awesomeness of an split album!

The Last Gang delivers a bomb of a punkrock split album , and gives us 2 bright new songs!

Their tracklist is : 

Belive in the poet



I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek of this beauty!
And you guys have alot to look forward to, thats for sure!

The song "Identity" gives you that kickass happy feeling wich The Last Gang allways gives you when listening to their music.
Their sound on their song "Belive in the poet",is heavier than their earlier songs . But let me tell you one thing : its MINDBLOWING.

Brenna`s vocals are raw of emotions and gives you goosebumps , of the good kind! And her guitar riffs are addictive.
Her voice reminds me of a mix of Gregg Graffin , Brody Dalle , Mathilda Sundin and Otep . But its still her own ,you would recognize it immediately and its the most astonishing thing you`ll ever hear .

Sean brings the pulse to this album . His bass-sound brings it all together , and its a joy to listen to.

The albums heartbeats from the epic drummer Robby triggers that punkrock feeling in you , and gives you a rush of pure energy.

Everything on this album is exactly what the world needs, not just the punks , but every music loving being on this planet.

The Last Gang`s split-album will be released the 19th of july , and can be bought at their webstore: www.thelastgang.com/store !

Review of Bristol to memory coming shortly.

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