Interview with : The Yum Yuckers!

The Yum Yuckers consists of:

Vocals: Roy 

Photo by Roy


Photo by Mande.

Photo by The Yum Yuckers


Photo by The Yum Yuckers

Where are you all from?

Long Island, New York


What year was the band started and how did you meet?


MANDE: Yum-Yuckers was formed about 3 years ago.  Joe, me and Yum-Yuckers original drummer Sean were in a band called Coffin' Fit, our singer moved so we formed the Yum-Yuckers with Roy singing. Then Sean moved and Paulie started playing drums.  We've all been friends for years.  I've known Roy since I was about 18yrs old, so for many many many years!  We've all been involved in the local punk scene since we were young.

PAULIE: I've been in the band since May 2015.


Have any of you played in any previous bands? 


ROY: All of us have at some point,  generally in the same roles.


in that case , wich ones?

JOE:  mande, sean and I,  were previously in coffin' fit before this band. I
also played in Pretty Bullshit, we put out a split 7" and a couple of
tapes. before that was a short lived band called fat lizzy. we were pretty
bad. before that me and sean were in a hardcore band called Totally Fucked.
thats the band i learned how to play bass in.


ROY:Donald Dick, Your Arsenal, Halfway to Hell Club.


MANDE: The Devotchkas, The Auxiliary 


How would you describe you music ?


ROY:Mid-tempo punk rock with elements of hardcore and horror punk.


MANDE:  I'm really bad at describing our music but I would say we have a grungy/rock/punk based sound.  If that makes any sense!


 What inspires you to do music?


ROY:I guess simply put the answer for me is music.In spite of what may seem like a finite number of notes, time signatures and words, there's always room for your own take on it. I've always been astounded by how different people's output can be using the same instruments. 


JOE:i don't really know what inspires me. probably just dealing with real

life like work and bills and adult bullshit like that. i look forward to
having band practice and playing shows. this is the shit that keeps me sane.


MANDE: The ability to get together with your friends and piece together songs is the best feeling in the world!  Music has always been a way to relate to people who have similar interests and views.  It provides a channel, a chance to be creative and express yourself in way that breaks up your every day life.  Playing in a band allows me to break away, and gives me something to focus on.  I've always loved music and there is nothing like being able to collectively create your own music with your band members.  

Photo by The Yum Yuckers

Wich topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?


ROY:I grew up as a fan of both horror films & novels and always appreciated how many of the stories served as allegories for the issues of the day. In my own way I attempt to do that lyrically. On our most recent recording the most prevelant theme lyrically was the dangerous nature of populism and groupthink. I fear both those things, not only because they often subvert the will of the individual, but because it almost always leads to authoritarianism. Here in America we're seeing evidence of that, even if it's in its nascent stages, in Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. The caveat being that I don't think that those tendencies lie only on one side of the political spectrum. There's a reason that horseshoe theory exists. 

JOE: for me playing music is totally therapeutic. its my outlet for
creativity. when I'm home I'm usually fucking around on my bass. i haven't
written lyrics or words down in a while, probably since my last band. but i
really enjoyed that. it was a great way to release frustration. now i just
bottle up and cry in taco bell parking lots.


Does The Yum Yuckers have any bands/ artists it has gotten influenses from?


ROY:We generally draw comparisons to early Misfits, which I can say is obviously an influence on us. As individuals, we're each into a litany of bands that perhaps everyone else isn't but I think there's a certain degree of commonality in our love for predominantly early punk. 


JOE:as a group we have varied tastes. from new wave to crust. i personally
can say that ramones, murder  city devils, nervosas and masshysteri kind of
rule my turntable.



Do the band only play their own songs or do they have som coversongs in their setlist ?

ROY:Currently we only play our own songs but we have done covers in the past and have discussed doing another more in the future.



What language are you singing in?

ROY:English. Although Joe might dispute that.


Which bands inspires you ,induvidually ,to make music?

ROY:Too many to name. I listen to everything from Johnny Cash to Emperor and each band in its own has had its influence on me.


MANDE: My inspiration comes from a mix of bands, from a mix of genres!  I think because we have such a wide range of influences it has allowed us to create our own sound.  


PAULIE: Graveyard, Black Sabbath, Misfits, Thrash Metal, Old school Metallica.


Is the musicscene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?

ROY:The punk scene both locally and in other states, at least in our experience, has been incredibly supportive and accepting even if the style we play doesn't fall into the same genre or sub-genre as the other bands we play with.


PAULIE: There is a strong Punk Rock scene still thriving in the NYC area.



What advice would you give to other bands and artists out trying to get noticed?

ROY:Everything starts locally. If you're not part of the local scene you will find it incredibly hard to do anything, including playing shows. If you're playing a style of music, then it's generally safe to assume that it's one that you enjoy. Get out there and see some local bands, get to know them and support them. No one wants to help out someone who they feel is simply there for themselves. 


JOE: were not the band to really ask about how to get noticed. were not very
well know n even in our own scene. but i really don't care. we love what we
do and have a lot of fun and that is the most important thing. we don't
have big plans like 2 month tours or anything. but if thats what ya want.
just devote yourself. try. the one thing i see a lot now a days is bands
wanting things to come easy and not putting in the effort. bands starting
kick starters and shit to pay for recording and releasing cd's or getting a
van. theres usually at least 3 people in a band. if ya want something, work
for it. pool your money together and make some real effort and sacrifice. i
alone put out our 7". it costs a lot of money. i didn't ask for help. i
worked my ass off and put money aside for it. i don't wanna sound like the
old grump i am but.. "THESE KIDS THESE DAYS!!!!" so fucking lazy


MANDE:  Just get out there and do it!  Self promotion is the only way to get known, even at a local level.  You have to put in time and effort order to get noticed. Become involved in your local scene and take it from there! 


The Yum Yuckers has a heavy, calming sound , and with the amazing vocals from their leadsinger Roy , this band is a easy  choice to listen to if you like punk or metal !The Yum Yuckers  have a  EP called <a tragic history> , which you as a metal or punk fan should really take a listen to, you will not be dissaponted. 


Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a new record?


ROY:We're currently in the process of writing new material. We took a brief self-imposed haitus when our original drummer Sean moved to California and we started looking for a replacement. Sean's currently playing with a band called Much Better and we still love the guy. 

JOE: we are always jamming on new songs.

PAULIE: Yes! Can't wait to lay down some sick ass drumbeats!



On the EP you have the song <Map To Nowhere >, what inspired you to write that song?

ROY:At it's core it's about fruitless relationships and the poor decisions that often follow. When I say relationships I don't specifically mean ones that are romantic in nature. It's basically about being let down. 


On your EP  < A Tragic History> you have a Grunge/Punk/metal sound  , is this something that will continue on to your next record? 


ROY: Absolutely. I sincerely doubt that we will ever stray too far from what we currently play. I don't think any of us is looking to become a bluegrass band. Although Joe might dispute that.


MANDE: This is the sound that we've collectively created and I don't see us straying from it.  There's no effort in trying to make a specific sound, we write what we like and what comes naturally to us.


PAULIE: We want to maintain our unique sound throughout our recording career.

Photo by The Yum Yuckers

The Yum Yuckers have been playing concerts lately  , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genre or on the steriotypes of how punk is portraited in the media?


ROY:Locally there's a pretty solid number of venues that bands have established good relationships with that allow us to have shows pretty regularly. It was by no means a process that happened overnight. We've lost plenty of venues over the years because of some of the antics that have taken place at shows but at this point that doesn't seem to be too much of a concern. In that regard, we're very lucky.


MANDE:  I think the venues that hold shows out here are pretty familiar with the genres they are booking.  We mostly play the same places, which is lucky for out scene, because we have established venues where shows are booked quite often. 


PAULIE: NYC, and specifically Long Island, is very open to local music and supporting bands.


Does the Yum Yuckers have any concerts/tours booked for this year?


ROY:We're playing locally a lot through the next few months. At this point we've discussed touring but there's nothing that's been solidly laid out. 


PAULIE: Yeah! Mandy shows booked for the year and we keep booking more.


Any words for your fans out there?

ROY:Yes. I know I sound like Danzig.

PAULIE: Thanks for all the love and support, we rock for you!



Thanks to The Yum Yuckers for this interview!

Check out their music at : http://www.facebook.com/yuckyyumyums

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