Review: Wraths - Wraths

Do you miss that 80's raw,powerfull and in-your-face punkrock music in your life? Look no further! 

Wraths is a great new punkband, wich also just released their debut in April. 

Their bloodred 200copies limited vinyl is a must-have for all punkmusic fans out there! (wich includes free mp3 download of the album) .

The debutalbum will soon be available on CD format. 

Here you can buy their music :https://birdattackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wraths

As soon as you start the record you get that 80's punkrock feeling.
With influences like Descendents, t.s.o.l,black flag,circle jerks and the vocalists band Pennywise,
you know this is gonna be the most powerfull album of the year! 

Jim Lindberg delivers mindblowingly good vocals as always, and he also shows you his madskill screams.
The feelings he expresses trough his voice is amazing and the lyrics become addictive to sing along to.

The guitarist Steve McCall brings you moshpit triggering riffs.
And even if you hadent planned on joining the massive whirlpool of punks, you cant resist. 

Andrew Tyler Murphy's drumms are hardhitting and turns your brain into a full on mindriot.
Exellent rythm makes you a happy camper! 

Genius basslines provided by Chris Kranes invites your head to a headbaning you will not forget anytime soon. 


I absolutely love this album and cant stop listening to it.Best debut album of the year for sure! 


Favorite song: I`m A Target.
Why: Great lyrics , Awesome vocals , kickass drumming , insane basslines and killer guitar riffs!

You need to check this band out!







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