Interview with Riot Girl: Peppels From Stahlschwester and Perlen An Die Säue !


Photo: Peppels

Peppels is the singer in the German punkband Stahlschwester!
Some of you may also know her from the all girl punkband Perlen An Die Säue.
Shes a killer on stage!
With her screams and bleached blonde hair she delivers a kick-ass liveshow.
So if you ever visit Germany , check out the punk venues gig lists ,
Its almost for certain that this German riot girl is on it!
So heres the interview!

Can you remember when your interest for music started?

Music has alsways been a big part of life. always felt normal and good to sing, play guitar or piano.
As a kid or now, doesnt matter. I remember my big struggles back in the days when i was 7.
The spicegirls were a big thing for me!!
I mean can you imagine! such alot of power girls on stage.
I guess thats why our Perlen An Die Säue opener has been "I tell you want you want" for a long time.
But i was 13 years old when i discovered:" Hey, theres something more than Pop, better than
mainstream, something faster, with more heart, spirit, Base and agression.
Something simple and unique. It was the first time i felt understood, and not like an alien anymore.
It opend a door. It was Punk
and what made you wanna start playing music/sing?

It was just the idea of "I do have something to say too, cause this and that is pissing me of and
yeah i can play that ramones song "KKK" so we can have a band.
Cause with this song i am able to play 3 chords which gives me such amount of variety for new songs.
so everything i need was already set up .And we didnt care about profession so we can play guitare
and bass and drums. It was that simple and that easy.3 girls, punk !

Photo: Peppels

When/what did/made you deside to start playing/singing music ?

I didnt deside it. I did it. I had no idea of anything.
I noticed that it feels good to communicate with music, so this was my way.
The impact of that Output being on stage screaming, shouting, singing or whatever you wana
call it, is fucking great.

What made you choose the instruments you play?

Guitar is an pretty handy instrument. To play and sing at the same time is a lot of fun.
When we started our band "stahlschwester" I only had my voice. so I was able to take it to
the top and I fucking crashed it.
My voice was broken and I needed to take courses to learn how to use it in a right way.
So,it took me almost 10 years to realise "voice" is an instrument too.
And this instrument is awsome but sensitive! So be careful :-)

or what made you want to sing in the way/style you do?

I love powerful female voices. And I always need to loose energy otherwise I cant sleep.
So singing is a good way I can use my power.
Voice is an really personal instrument. Everyone knows how awkward and how ashamed
you could feel like if your voice sounds strange.
Its not the same as if youre accidantly playing some wrong chords on guitar.
I love the fact that it depends on the singer himselfe , how a song sounds like.
It usually depends on emotion and feelings.
An that makes it even better.
How did you learn to play your instrument /sing like you do?
I grabbed the mic and started. But it was always sooo excausting!!
I lost my voice so many times.
Unfortunatly I realised pretty late " voice=instrument"
Right now Im taking lessons. It was the best decission ever.
When you know how to use and play your instruments it makes everything
soo much easyier and more fun.
Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?
Which one was it?

Yeah it was the Ramones " KKK took my baby away"
Which musicians has had the most impact on you ?

I love the oldscool german punk (Deutschpunk) from the 80th. That was a big thing!
Vorkriegsjugend, Schleimkeim, ChaosZ, A+P,
I was never good with Bandnames. I usually listend to a song,
I looked up the lyrics and made a big mixtape.
So I still have situations like recently with a band of my friend.
I was at their show and all of a sudden they played this one song DOSENBIER.
It was my favorite "lets hang out in the park and drink beer"song from when I was 15.
And my friends were playing this song, because its their song! So that was a big surprise :-)
And all these years, I had no idea!!!
I need to get better with names, I guess.

Photo: Peppels

Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

Once the singer, Karl Nagel, of the german bad brains coverband called "kein hass da" was
sitting in our kitchen. We were talking about different things and all of the sudden he started singing.
It was so loud and so fucking intense! I was standing in the middle of my kitchen, starring at him
while he was sitting there, totally relaxed but still singing with his powerfull voice and I was about to
cover my poor ears... and I had this impressed "Damn, I want to have this powerfull voice" inside of
my head..."
So we catched up someday and he showed me some good warm up songs from melissa cross.
Shes a genius!!
After that I started to work on my voice. Beause I discovered there is a way less excausting for the
hole body to use it. That was interesting.
What does playing music means to you?

Its fun! Its emotion, its punk, its hanging out with friends. Its simply music.
It means everything! i couldnt live without it.
Music is what feeling sounds like!
Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?
And what it ment to you?

I started with piano. Piano is an awsome intrument!
you can play a melody with one hand and you can do the bassline with your left hand
and if you want to go crazy you can sing at the same time.
And you create a band. simply and only by yourselfe and your piano!
That blowed my mind. My mother wasnt really into it. she couldnt stand I was hammering
the tones for houres. I was supposed to play
not that loud anymore... and I guess that was the end.
But still if theres a piano somewhere arround I still feel alot for this instrument!

Are you ever influenced by old records & tapes?

When I started with this punk rock scene stuff I loved all these very old records and mix tapes.
I loved this destroyed sound. this kinda diy "we recorded in a garage" sound.
That was real! That was real music for me. I think I felt understood. Cause my first band recorded
in a gym for excample too. And I loved the fact of this simple way. its not about glitter, glamour
intensly sparkly special effects , but people like you and me recorded in the 80th music,
cause they felt like it.
Who are your favorite musicians?

I am a big fan of "Beyond pink", the very new band "neurotic excistence"
They blew my mind a few month ago! crazy awsome powerful sound, "the Aftermath"
I cant wait for their new recordings,
"Chorea Huntigton" and of course "Upper crust" and since tommy plays the bass "
Instinct of survival"
But im also a big fan of some EDM musicians like "Gnucci", "Cocorosie", "Whipped Cream"...
Last but not least! "AMANDA PALMER" über alles!

Photo: Peppels

When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

This moment never happend to me. I kinda grew into it. music always felt good so i never stopped.
But when i was in canada that was 2014, I discovered how important it is. half a year without
my band... that was shitty!

How and when did you get your band together?

Tommy and I met when i was recording with my first band "Perlen An Die Säue".
I wanted to start something new. So i asked him if we wanted to jam a bit.
He asked some friends too and voila :-)
Which bands have you played in / Are you playing in?

Only in Perlen An Die Säue and StahlSchwester, I started a new girls project but there
wasnt enough time and no one for the drums... but we will see. ;-)
How would you describe your music style to other people?

Loud, fast kinda 80 oldschool german punk.
I know you have played alot of gigs ,
does it ever happen that you get nervous before a show?

Well this question is cute! haha, "does it ever happen"... Im always nervous!! like literally ALWAYS!
What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

If you love music go for it! Ask some friends or people you know and you like,
with the same kind of music interests and start!
Theres no better way to start, than simply just to start!
Jam a bit, write your first songs, record them (mobilephone, mp3player...)
organise a little concerts for friends and others... I guess this is a good way.
step by step!

What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

I love shows with some bands I allready know. like bands of friends. thats always a fun time.
Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play?

As a girl , have you experienced beeing underestimatet musically?

No, but the fact of sexism in the punkscene is making me sick. still after all these years!
Is it difficult for you to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

Music is a part of my life. its not a career, im not earning money with it and i dont want
to feel any pressure coming up from this.
Music is for fun. So i only need to make shure to have enough time for this.
But you always have the emount of time for things you allow yourselfe to have.
What is your best music related memory?

We had a concert in Mühlheim with Stahlschwester.
It was our last concert before our one year time out.
It almost took forever to get there. Its actually not that far, but sitting in our car driving for ours
and asking my drummer when we will finally get there, we didnt even make the half of the way.
I was so bored i put on my warm up Lalalala music. So in the end with these never ending 10
minutes of mi mi mis and lalalas .
We made it to Mühlheim and the festival "Frostpunks" We jumped of the car and diractly on
stage and started with our show. this never happend before...
300 people were going crazy. From stage it looked like the ocean with massive waves.
And a friend told me he was so happy to actually see this too, cause back in Hamburg he
would never believe me if i would tell him about this.

Photo: Peppels

Listening to your records (Perlen An Die Säue , Stahlschwester) ,
i can hear you have your own vocal sound ,
is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

Well, I started to sing and then i smashed my voice after a couple years.
Now at this time im taking lessons because i understand my voice as an inner
instrument and i really want to learn how to use it without destroying it.
So maybe I will discover something new now. Who knows.
As mentioned earlier , you where the vocalist in Perlen An Die Säue .
How was that experience for you ? What was the best part about it?

The best part was the fact of 3 girls making music and touring at the age of 14-18.
That was crazy!I had so many situations with people who were asking me how we do this.
And usually my answer was: well, we just do it! I mean we were so young...
At the same time everything felt so normal for us.
The head of our school allowed us to use the basement of our school.
So we painted the walls of our own bandsession room with fancy patterns
and ...yeah... we were so proud!!
At the grand opening of this big hall,our new gym it was us playing on stage
. I mean can you imagine?
Kids 10 years old and the older students were starring at us.
These 3 girls with this Crazy loud sound singing about the fucked up society.
They all couldnt get it.
I even cant get it anymore when i think about what happend there :-)
We were not afraid of anything. We didnt give a shit about people like
"they dont know how to play but they are girl so we need to see them".
It was such an awsome time. It was so simple and it felt so good.

Photo: Peppels

And how do you see the future for you new band Stahlschwester?

So after 8 years we decided to use the cold winter days to recored new songs and
work on a new vinyl. I want to create some new merchandise like shirts and patches.
Hopefully we can have a tour somewehere soon. that would be great.

And last but not least , what goals do you want to reach with your music?

i would love to start a new project too. maybe a girls thing again or... well. I would also be
interested to mix some bouncy edm with punk... but I dont know how that would sound like.
we will see. This year I will get a piano again! its time!!!

Thanks for the interview!
Check out her band !

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