Interview with : Beistulf`s Bastards!

Beistulf`s Bastards consists of

Vocals: Sigve Torland

Guitar: Ken Andre Lyngvr

Bass: Kjetil Jakobsen

Drums: Espen "Beist" Antonsen

Where are you all from?

Kristiansund Rock City

What year was the band started and how did you meet?

Espen: Beistulf's Bastards was just a bad idea waiting to happend(blame beer), and earlier in 2016 it actually took physical form.

Sigve: We met a long tima ago in a galaxy far far away. Upon the creation of the earth and the destuction of the sun stood one creature, and this creature named itself BEIST. The creature looked at all the destruction and said this is my handiwork an I shall recruit three bastards to help me keep things this messy! Ant thus rose the Bastards of Beistulf from the remains of a once prosperous world. The goal: Domination and destruction! On the serious side of things: We have all played together in different bands through the years. In 2009 Sigve joined Espen in the Sickening, and they have played together under different collaborations ever since. Ken and Sigve also both play in a death metal band called Illsint. Ken, Espen and Sigve also play together in the GrindCore band GroaD. Ken and Espen collaborate on numerous different projects, and Kjetil and Sigve play together in Villrosa. Add this up and the sum is Beistulf's Bastards.

Have any of you played in any previous bands? in that case , which ones?

Espen: Chapter of Hate and The Sickening to name a few. Sigve and Kjetil are also in Villrosa together, and Kjetil used to play bass in Riot Ritual and Inner killer, if I'm not mistaken!? ;)

Sigve: Chapter of Hate, The Sickening, Riot Ritual, Grotesque Hysterectomy, GroaD, Slagmark, Villrosa, Illsint, Gigas Librorum, Biggus Dickus amongst others...

How would you describe you music ?

Espen:We're mainly a punk coverband, as for now anyways. It's pretty self explanatory, we cover the "classics" if such a term is allowed to describe punk.

What inspires you to do music?

Espen: Oh..too much to mention really. Also dependable on the various genres we do, but in general it's a great way to express ourselves and especially certain topics that can't be expressed otherwise(no need to go into that, I guess..)You know, when we first began doing this punk/metal music all those years back, we wanted to rebell and provoke. However, times change, and today it's not the music or the images that provokes people no more(atleast that's what it seems like to me), but your personal opinions on the other hand, that's very much everybodys business these days. It's never the less the freedom to create and to perform that is the main drive for me personally.

Sigve: Society and this one guy called Kylo Ren.

Photo: Marlene Hansen

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

Espen : Being a coverband it's not an issue for Beistulf's Bastards..yet. However, we've all written lyrics at some point for other bands/projects. It's a pretty individual thing, but for my part I tend to get straigt to the point. No cryptic messages, just brute honesty..or to be honest, just brutality ;) check out the works by the before mentioned bands!

Sigve: In BB we mostly play other peoples songs, so we look for the songs that makes sence to us and that has been a part of our lives up through the years.

Does Beistulf`s Bastards have any bands/ artists it has gotten influenses from?

: Lots of..yeah like, Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Sex Pistols and the list goes on and on.

Sigve: All and everyone, but mainly Max Rebo Band.

What language are you singing in? English now, Norwegian later

Which bands inspires you ,induvidually ,to make music?

Espen: Personally I've always been inspired by the various extreme metal scenes around the world, but it was bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and the likes from the early 90's american death metal scene that got me going. I was also very much inspired by the Scandinavian black metal scene, especially here in Norway and the Swedish scene(Mayhem, Immortal, Dark Funeral and Marduk to name a few). It's always been a drive for me both physically and mental to push for the extreme, and that goes for writing lyrics as well as my drumming. I'm always aiming to improve myself, and the goal is going faster, getting more technical etc.. in general, create as brutal an expression as I possibly can.

Sigve: Jethro Tull, Napalm Death and max Rebo Band.

Photo: Marlene Hansen

Is the musicscene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?

Sigve: Absoulutely. Ksu has a huge acceptance when it comes to different genres of music.

Espen: Well..both yes and no. It's gotten better no doubt..the bigger the city, the bigger the crowd ofcourse, they've got this sorted out with genre based fests and all, but locally it's the pub or nothing. The major venues and festivals up here still ain't having any of it.

What advice would you give to other bands and artists out trying to get noticed?

Espen: Uhm, eh.. well It sounds a little cliche like "Never give up", but in fact you do need a great deal of luck as well. You can do like me (I hate to brag), but you can rehearse till you're better than most, and people still won't give a fuck about it.. The only advise I've got is; don't quit your job or school, just keep on going and never stop dreaming..then maybe, you'll get lucky some day!

Sigve : Play Play Play. Get out and play live, don't be the next youtube fab, but be alive and show people that you really mean it!

Beistulf`s Bastards havent released anything yet, do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a record?

Espen: I don't know yet. Might do so, if we ever take it as far as writing enough material of our own.. You never know, expect anything!

Sigve: Not at the moment. First we need to get our act together and actually create some songs of our own...

They have a great collection of livevideos on their Facebook page , check them out!


Photo: Marlene Hansen

Beistulf`s Bastards have been playing concerts reguraly , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genre or on the stereotypes of how punk is portraited in the media?

Sigve: Not at all. Punk is protest and protest in what life seems to be about these days.

Espen: Nope, or I don't know..haven't experienced any difficulties as of yet. It's either yes or no. Like I said before, the bigger commercial fests ain't exactly running us down with requests to fill slots, and everybody else is more concerned with how much, or if they have to pay us at all..So, nothing other than the usual crap!

Does Beistulf`s Bastards have any concerts/tours booked for this year?

Sigve: We have some miscelaneous consert plans, but nothing big. Hopefully we will get a spot at PbelRock happening at UFFA in Trondheim in may.

Espen: Some events are up for discussion, but nothing is settled yet.

Photo: Marlene Hansen

Any words for your fans out there?

Sigve : Life is music, music is life, consume it and if you havent checked out Max rebo band yet, do it!

Espen: It's a rotten biz, support the bands, and check us out on Facebook! www.facebook.com/beistulfsbastards

Thanks to Beistulf`s Bastards for this interview!

Check them out!


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