Concert : Roffy`s Hule @ Fasting Kjeller`n 26.03.16!

Let me just start off saying , this is a GREAT liveband!

With coversongs of Ramones , Jokke , Raga Rockers and Motorhead , they really got the crowd going!

Insane vocals delivered by Rolf "Roffy" Wollan , killer basslines by Hans Ivar Wik , moshpit triggering drums by Stian Aune and mindblowing guitar riffs and solos from Stig Allan Hansen.

This band has been a part the musicscene i KSU for many years , and have earned themselfes a good reputation as a good live music experience.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them!

There`s also a LIVE VIDEO at the end of this post:)

Rolf Wollan

Hans ivar Wik

Stian Aune

Stig Allan Hansen


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