Interview with: Luta Armada !

Luta Armada consists of

Vocals/Guitar: Jaaka 



Luta Armada is a well known raw street punk band from Brazil!

Where are you all from?
We are from S'ao Paulo, Brazil
What year was the band started and how did you meet?
We had several line up changes over the years, Jaaka (screams and guitars) was the only member from the first line up, Marsha (bass and screams) joined the band in 1999 and Gordinho, our last drummer, joined us in 2009.
We were formed in 1996. First line up was Jaaka, Renato and Luis and we were basically 3 kids with a lot of will and no resources trying to play some hardcore punk music. 
Have any of you played in any previous bands?
in that case , which ones?

Marsha formed Ps-Guerra in 1994 and still plays in the band/ She has also played in Vala Negra, Boots and Bristles, Two Cents and a couple of others. Jaaka has played in Atrocidade, Dislove, Two Cents, Sob Conflito and a couple of non punk projects as well. Gordinho has played in Estado de Guerra just before joining us.
How would you describe you music ?
We call it Rawpunk. It makes sense to us... It`s a band, playing hardcore like punk bands used to do, dressing like punx used to be and talking about stuff punx used to care about, so yeah... as raw as it gets haha

What inspires you to do music?

Photo : Luta Armada
Art, and that`s all. We do care about politics, we do care about punk culture but despite what we say in our lyrics, we do music for art, to express something we want.

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?
First of all we talk about punk - as a culture, phisolophy, a way of life. Politics is also an important subject to us and yeah anything else we might want to talk about. sometimes a true story of one of us or one of our friends became a song.
Does Luta Armada have any bands/ artists it has gotten influenses from?
We were heavily influenced by 80's hardcore punk, mostly scandinavian but not only. Bands like Shitlickers, Kaaos, Moderat Likvidation, Disarm, Anti-Cimex, Tampere SS, Cruel Maniax, Indigesti, Eu`s Arse, Olho Seco and so on...
Do you only play your own songs or do you have som coversongs in your setlist ?
Hiroshima (Moderat Likvidation) was recorded in one of our full lenghts and became part of the set list. We also recorded Human Rights (Cruel Maniax), Natsit Ja Kommunistit (Kaaos), Set me free (Anti-Cimex) and Dmd (Disarm) in different occasions. As for live shows, it is hard to remember em all but we would sometimes have a cover or two on the set list.
What language are you singing in?
English, portuguese, sometimes italian, swedish... We never really cared about the language, english was just a shortcut for people worldwide to understand our lyrics

Which bands inspires you ,induvidually ,to make music?
Shitlickers, Kaaos, Moderat Likvidation, Disarm, Anti-Cimex, Tampere SS, Cruel Maniax, Indigesti, Eu`s Arse, Olho Seco etc.

Photo : Luta Armada
Is the musicscene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?
So Paulo is pretty big city and there is enough space for any musical genre, the punk scene produces a lot and there are always several places to play. We never wanted to go mainstream or shit like that, instead we became heavier and meaner as the time passed but the underground/punk scene has never let us down.
What advice would you give to other bands and artists out there trying to get a music-career?
Open your hearts to music, don`t do music for any reason other than music itself, don`t be a punk for any reason other than punk itself. You gotta love your culture, be true to yourself.

Photo : Luta Armada
Luta Armada has a sound so rawpunk  that they are easly recognized .
Screeching guitars , growly vocals and with a tempo which could out-run the devil himself.
The band have a fulllength album called < Rawpunk 4 Life>

Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a new record?

The band broke up 5 months ago so unfortunatelly we won't be recording anymore. Maybe a full discography in the future or one of our live presentations can become a record but we haven`t talked about that yet. Marsha and Gordinho are actually playing in Ps-Guerra and Jaaka is already involved with different musical projects as well as a new "luta armada style" rawpunk band, but it has no name yet. 
On the album you have the song <Dust and Ruins> , what inspired you to write that song?
Dust and Ruins was about global warming and globalization... the side effects of forced evolution, that sort of thing. 
Luta Armada have played concerts , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genres or on the stereotypes of how punk is portraited in the media?
We did have problems with the police here and there, unfortunatelly the local punk scene can become violent at times and that reflects directly onto the shows. As for the stereotypes or media, well we never really cared about that... We always played for punx, if the mainstream media doesn`t like us, so be it. 
Does Luta Armada have any concerts/tours booked for this year?
No, we broke up, sorry. We may consider a return concert here and there in the future like all the old dudes do (haha) but we haven`t talked about that yet.

Photo : Luta Armada
Any  words for your fans out there?
Luta Armada lasted for 20 years, we are glad for the experiences, for the opportunities we had to keep punk real, and glad we have influenced a good amount of punx to think about their culture, to resist... to stay punk! That`s what its a all about, resisting, staying true! Luta Armada may have ended but Rawpunk is for life!

Thanx a lot for the interview and support!


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