Interview with: The Last Gang !

The Last Gang consists of :

Vocals & Guitar: Brenna Red

Drums/ Backing Vocals: Robert 

Bass/Backing Vocals: Sean 

The Last Gang will have you dancing one minute & swinging with the kid beside you, hands on each other's throat, the next. This band picks up where the Distillers left off. This is our generation's Joan Jett. Brenna?s powerhouse vocals can only be matched by her uncanny ability to write melodies. When she sings, the kids listen. Alongside with Brenna is Robby on drums and Sean on bass. The Last Gang?s unique styles all come together to create some of the most relevant music of our time. The Last Gang is the best band that Orange County & L.A. has had to offer in the past 10 years. The Last Gang Bio.

Where are you all from? 

TLG: Scattered from all across Southern Cali.

What year was the band started and how did you meet? 


ROBERT: The actual band itself was started a while back but we took a hiatus of 5 years to work on some other projects, we reformed in 2013. Brenna and I met at one of our friends bars in Huntington Beach called "Johnnys" I had just got home from filling in for Civet on tour and was looking for something new and exciting and the rest is history! We both met Sean about a year or two ago when we played with his other band The Fisters, once we saw his ability we decided to "borrow" him....forever. Hahahah

Have any of you played in any previous bands?
in that case , which ones?

BRENNA: Civet & Fiction Reform 


ROBERT: Civet (not at the same time as Brenna),and Bamboula 


SEAN: The Fisters (which is still active)

How would you describe you music ?


ROBERT:  That's always a tough one, we always have our punk, rock and roll roots but we like to push ourselves to create more out of the box ideas that don't just stick us to one genre.

Photo: The Last Gang
What inspires you to do  music? 


ROBERT: Since the birth of my daughter Olivia earlier this year the one thing that inspires me the most to do anything is her.

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

BRENNA: Truth is a huge influence. Obvious truths about what's right and what's fucked up.

Does The Last Gang have any bands/ artists it has gotten influenses from?

BRENNA: In the last few years, I've become heavily influenced from Laura Jane. She's an incredible force to dwell on. 


ROBERT: When it comes to the last gang I try really hard not to listen to too much punk stuff so it really is a mixture of hip hop and rock & roll. 

Photo: The Last Gang/Bill Field

Do you only play your own songs or do you have some coversongs in your setlist?

BRENNA: We always like to keep a cover in the rotation. It's a bit of fun and self indulgence.

What language are you singing in?

BRENNA: I  only speak English, but Robert also speaks fluent Spanish. We'd LOVE to re-record some TLG favs in Spanish and release it. 


ROBERT: Haha, yeah we've talked about going into the studio and having my wife translate the songs in Spanish for Brenna, since she can read and write Spanish better than myself.

Which bands inspires you ,induvidually ,to make music?

BRENNA: Elvis Costello and his ability to write so many albums and yet keeps every song independent of the previous.


ROBERT: Lately I've been listening to the new Game record (Documentary 2.5), Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, Refused, Against Me, The Police, and 108.

Photo: The Last Gang

Is the musicscene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?


ROBERT: Absolutely! Every single tour we go onno matter where we go, we always have had the luck of finding new friends!

What advice would you give to other bands and artists out  there trying to start a music career?


ROBERT: Be yourself and push your creative  boundaries you never know what you might discover.

They have allready released a selftitled Demo , 1 ep and 2 fulllenght albums .
Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a new record? 


ROBERT: We are actually releasing a split with our good friends Bristol To Memory in the next month or so so keep your eyes and ears out for that! Also we wrapped up our Pre Production sessions at our friend Dan (former bass player of TLG) studio for the new album "Salvation For Wolves" this past January . We wrote extensively since getting back together and narrowed down from around 80-90 songs to the final 11 that will be on the record. We are very excited to be recording Salvation For Wolves with Cameron Webb who has done Motrhead, Alkaline Trio, 311, and Social Distortion.

Photo: The Last Gang/Ravenz Punk Pit

On the album Out Of Time you have the song <Wild Child> ( which also has a kickass musicvideo on youtube , check it out! )
What inspired you to write/make that song/video?


BRENNA: That was inspired by an incredible negative emotion. I indulged in my hate for a former close freind. There used to be a lot of bad blood that was boiling.


The Last Gang  have been playing concerts regulraly , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genre or on the stereotypes of how punk is portraited in the media? 


ROBERT: At this point in time in music we feel it's a little hard for anyone no matter what genre. So many places require you to sell pre sale tickets. It's the worst when you get a promoter that tell you to do that, we don't do any of that crap. You are a promoter so promote the show, don't have the bands do all the work.

Photo: The Last Gang
Do you have any concerts/tours booked for this year? 


Robert : We have a few shows lined up in the next couple of months the we go into the studio. Here's a list of what's coming up.


March 25th in Montebello, April 16th in Laguna Niguel, 
April 27th in Riverside,

April 29th in Arizona,

April 30th in Las Vegas. We have more lines up in May just making sure it doesn't conflict with studio time.

Any words for your fans out there? 


Robert: Support local music, local magazines, and your local businesses !

Thanks to The Last gang for this interview!

Be sure to check out this amazing band!


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