Happy Women`s day to all Riot Girls out there! + List over favorite female/fronted punkbands!

Since it`s Womans day today , I decided to make a list over the female/fronted punkbands who`s had the biggest impact on me!

As a female drummer & musician, it was listening to the Distillers who made me wanna start drumming .
And listening to  Fuck Frankie has inspirered me to start singing!

So I can only imagine how many other bands out there started because of influences by bands like The Distillers , The Devotchkas , X-ray Specs , Vice Squad etc.

Riot Girl music means a lot to me , it`s raw power and rage is lovely in this age of time!
So my music collection is growing for each day!:D

Anyways , here is my favorite Riot girl bands!

S.F.U ^

These bands listed are just a few drops in the ocean of great female bands out there!

I`m always on the lookout for new female/fronted punk bands , both to listen to and  interview !
So if you know of any Riot Girl punkbands you think I should check-out ,don`t hesitate to let me know !(Use comment section below) 

Have any of these band ever influenced you to start a band?
Feel free to tell your bands story:) (Use comment section below) 


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