Interview with: Space Lemon!

Space Lemon consist of

Vocals: Tommaso Gimignani

Photo : Space Lemon 

Guitar: Ignacio Zas

Photo : Space Lemon 

Bass: Felipe Archer

Photo : Space Lemon 

Drums: Alejandra Robles

Photo : Space Lemon 

"Space Lemon is an alternative rock band formed in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Who could have imagined that the initial tension between drummer, Alejandra Robles, and guitarist, Ignacio Zas, would lead to countless jam sessions and even the release of their self-titled EP? The two founding members did not always see eye to eye in the beginning, until one night when the two decided to take in a Queens of the Stone Age show. After that fateful night, it was obvious that the pair?s indistinguishable love for alternative rock proved to overcome any previous trepidation they might have had. ! " From Space Lemon Bio.

Where are you all from?

Tommi is from Italy , Ignacio is from Uruguay, Felipe is from Brazil and Ale is from Mexico.

What year was the band started and how did you meet?

We all met in 2014 but we didn`t actually start a band until early 2015. We met in different ways. The first ones to meet where Ale and Ignacio when they were going to music school. We started jamming together until we met Tommi through a mutual friend, who thought we might fit well together. Turns out we did. Last but not least after quite some time of having bad luck with bass players we met Felipe during a hazy night out in a Bar at the Sunset Strip. It was love at first sight.

Have any of you played in any previous bands?
in that case , which ones?

Weve all had our fair share of previous projects but this is the one that captivated us the most.

How would you describe you music ?

Like a slap in the f***n face. HA.

What inspires you to do music?

We are all inspired by different things. We do have some common topics that motivate us to write music like our discontent with current social events and trends, like how most top 40 or mainstream music has become so robotic and artificial, how violence driven by stupidity has become so present in our lives, how so many ignorant people are in power, how we live in a society that just cares about consuming, etc.
Apart from that there´s other stuff that each individual members feels driven by.  

Photo : Space Lemon 

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

Besides the ones that we mentioned above, we also deal with our personal struggles, mainly related to the fact that we are all foreigners being away from home, and how we deal with making decisions that are quite hard.

Does Space Lemon have any bands/ artists it has gotten influences from?

Oh yes we do. Mainly bands like Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Nirvana, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley. There are lot´s more that we all love and sound nothing like us but in some weird way influence what we do.

Do  you only play your own songs or do you have some cover songs in your setlist ?

We mostly play our own songs but we have done a few covers on occasion. We do plan on doing some Space Lemon style versions of songs we hold very dear to us.

What language are you singing in?


Photo : Space Lemon 

Which bands inspires you ,individually ,to make music?
Tommi : Pink Floyd, Derek Trucks, Jeff Buckley and Pearl Jam.

Ignacio : Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine inch nails, Led Zeppelin.

Felipe : Cream, Queens of the Stone Age, , The Doors, Black Sabbath.

Ale : The Distillers, Alice in Chains, Hole, Pearl jam and Abba.

This is just the main bands, there`s so much more we all listen to that we`d have to write an essay to include all the bands we feel inspired and influenced by.

Is the music scene in your city/country accepting to the kind of music you are playing?

Yes it is, though it`s not the predominant genre.

What advice would you give to other bands and artists out there trying to start a music-career?

Do what you feel like doing, there`s space (and lemon) for anything in this world. There`s no right or wrong. 

Space Lemon has a sound which reminds me of a mix between Queen of the stone age and Down.
Its a perfect mix and its a joy to listen to!

The band already have a self-titled EP, do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a record?

Yes, but we are probably going to release a few singles first, so stay tuned.

Photo : Space Lemon 

On the EP you have the song < Alone Again> ,which also has a killer music video on youtube,
what inspired you to write/make that song/video?

Shallow people and an empty society.

On your EP you have a devine ,dark sound  , is this something that will continue on to your next record?

It`s going to keep evolving. We are constantly changing as people and our sound changes with us. But that darkness and raw element is going to stay there.

Space Lemon has been playing concerts regularly , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genre or on the stereotypes of how rock is portraited in the media?

We`ve been turned down from a venue or two because they didn`t like having loud rock bands, but we`ve managed to find places where we can play as loud and as hard as we like.

Does Space Lemon have any concerts/tours booked for this year?

We have a show coming up on March 17th in Santa Monica, and we`re are planning more dates in LA and there`s a tour in the works. We invite anyone reading to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay tuned for upcoming shows and releases.

Any  words for your fans out there?

Your support truly means a lot to us and watch Life of Pi, it`s a beautiful movie. 


Thanks to Space Lemon for this interview!

Check out their music!









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