Review: Oslo Ess - Konge Uten Ei Krone

Oslo Ess is back!

Norwegian punk rock at its best!

From the first song theres good mood flowing!

Great lyrics which describes every  situation a dude/dudette could end up in.

There`s both hard and soft songs  on this album , so theres something for everyone.

The vocals delivered by smund is heavenly to listen to.

Their sound  reminds me of  a mix between Jokke  and Rancid (take a listen to their song Ikke Se Ned),and their lyrics are brilliant .

So are the musical work done on this album.

You got ska punk and Hip-Hop influenses with blow instruments (Check out the song Trbbel feat. OnklP) and harder influensces ( Check out the song Finner Ikke Ord)

Favorite Song: Underholdning
Why: Really great lyrics , mood boosting guitars and party launching drumming and with a bass that kicks it all off!

Here you can buy this exellent album:


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