Review: Drunk Diggery - Hungover Hooligans

Fort Collins punk IN YOUR FACE!

YES, its is in deed a signed copy <3

After having a 2 year break  , Drunk Diggery is back!
With their first E.P with 5 songs , this is a real feast to my ears!

Erin`s vocals are pure mindgasm.
Her screams give the album that hardcore sound i adore.

And Joey`s drumbeats turns your mind into a mosh-pitting riot.
Especially on the song Rip-Off!

Rusty`s bass is an assasin ,  where it lays hidden under screetching guitars when suddenly WHAM!
He serves killer basslines and gives the songs a heavy sound thats pure gold.

Favorite song: Belly Of The Beast.
Why: Addictive vocals , great clean backup-vocals which forces you to start sing-along , nice bass-sound and killer drum beats!

This E.P is something you NEED to have in your punk collection!

Here you can buy their E.P!


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