Review: Maid Of Ace

Maid Of Ace`s distorted sound mixes perfectly with my idea of what
punk music is!
Its a full on mind-riot from start to finish with this band.

This album is a punk-rock-must-have!

Their lyrics are great , the sound is spottless and the cover is punk as fuck!

And the singer Alison delivers their lyricalmessage awesomely good with her amazing vocal performance .

The wildly good drumming by Abby gets you heart pumping of sheer excitement.

Whilst Amy`s basslines hypnotises you with its dangreouslyseductive rhytms.

And then theres Abbys insane backup screams and guitar solos!

Its as simple as this folks: Maid Of Ace gives you a hell bent urge to start mosh-pitting.

They've also just released their debut album in a pink vinyl version!

Favorite song: Stay away
Why: Good guitars, awesome vocals /back up singing , killer drums and that genius punk rock bass-sound is heavenly.

Buy the album , you will not be dissapointed : http://www.maid-of-ace.com/merch/4584056763

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