Review: Comminor - Lets Call It Art

After 6 years of concerts and touring!
Comminorshighly anticipateddebut album is finally here!
And its good as gold!

Their Swedish Punk Attitude definitelyshines trough on this album.
Listen to the song Storm The Streets andyou will get that 90s skatepunk vibegoing.

Johanna's vocals delivers a solid punkrock feeling and gives the album a whole new level of awesomeness.

And the bands guitarist Victors growlyvoice gives the album thatperfect edge of rock`n`roll feeling.

Love thevocalson thesong Rubble boy and its backed up with some seriously good bassline!

Favorite track: Scream Like Kids
Why: Exellent lyrics , addictive guitar riffs , kick-ass drumming and screaming vocals +++

So folks, if you want an happy feeling giving punkalbum , this is the one to buy!

Here you can buy their album with 14 songs ! :


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