Interview with Riot Girl: Lisa Bäckström From Fuck Frankie!

Lisa Bäckström


Age: 30


Photo Lisa Bäckström


Lisa is the guitarist and founder of the Swedish punk band Fuck Frankie.

Her apperance and image reminds me of a mix between Steampunk and  Crustpunk = Total Class!

You will defenetly notice her enetering a room!

If you watch ANY of the live videos of here playing on youtube , you KNOW shes doing what she was ment to do.

Shes destined to play guitar and give the masses kick-ass music.

 Lisa also got a comicstrip series going on !


Picture by Lisa Bäckström


I was lucky enough to get a interview with this awesome  Swedish Riot Girl ,so here it is!


Can you remember when your interest for music started?


- First off, thanks for the kind words, wow! 

Ive always been into music, but I guess an early milestone for me was when I was about eight or so when me and another kid in the neighborhood used to sneak in to her older brothers room and make mixed tapes from his heavy metal albums. We listened to those tapes over and over, could be anything from Iron Maiden to Type o Negative haha. 



 What made you wanna start playing music,

 and what made you choose the instruments you play? 


- I think the first thing that drew me to it was to write songs, just as a creative outlet that wasn`t visual art wich I early on knew I wanted to make a career from. Music was more of an escape and I didn`t put any pressure on myself at all, it was just for fun. 

The guitar was an easy go-to instrument, not hard to learn some basics just to write some simple songs, plus all the coolest rockers in my opinions we`re guitarists. 


Photo Lisa Bäckström

How did you learn to play your instrument?


- I would say I`m mostly self taught. I`m not what I`d call a natural talent but I taught myself what I needed, nothing more nothing less.
I also got some startup help from Tim (Fornicators) and Dave (Crashdiet) when I switched to electrical guitar and joined my first band Tiny T-shirts when I was about 17. Good times!


Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?

 Which one was it?


 - I actually think it was Tom Lehrers "Irish Ballad" or something weird like that. 


 Which  musicians has had the most impact on you ? 



- As a young and impressionable person, the period in life when I think music in general has the most impact on people, I was totally into grunge, Hole, Nirvana and Alice in Chains in particular. But I`ve gone through some different phases of fandom, like Nine inch nails, The Distillers, Wendy O Williams, GG Allin, Misfits and so on. I still have a strong emotional connection to all of those bands and artists, off course, but now i`m more interested in what mood I want to achieve or enhance at the moment, and what the music does for me, as appose to who`s the creator of the song. 

Photo Lisa Bäckström

 Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?

 And what it ment to you?


- Yeah, it was a fine peace of cheap shit. A black electric guitar from Yamaha that I got with my first paycheck from my first job as a cleaner at a hospital when I was 17.
I`d played a bit on borrowed instrument before that, that was of much, much, higher standards, but I sure cherished that Yamaha cuz it was my own. 



How and when did you get your band together?


- It was in 2010 and me and Jøsses ,the drummer, had started running into each other in parks and in pubs as we had some mutual friends. I was fresh out of a band so we started talking about putting something together. We decided on Gustav as a bassist but I think we forgot to tell him, he looked way confused when I asked him why he hadn`t shown up for rehearsal. Matilda I found online and sent some corny e-mail about how I`d tell her more about her new band over a beer, thinking that she was out of our league for sore, but it turned out she was game. The last piece of the puzzle was a lead guitarist, Ori is actually the fourth one we`ve had but I think this one`s gonna stick. 


 Which band have you played in / Are you playing in?


- My first band was Tiny T-shirts, an all girl punk band in Uppsala. A couple of years after when I`d moved to Stockholm I was in Wacky Wamps, a fun and easy going all girl band with a lot more rock and a little less punk. After that there`s Fuck Frankie, and me and Mathilda had a side project named Flying Head where we played Stoner Metal with two other very talented people. 

Photo Lisa Bäckström

How would you describe your music style to other people?


- Fuck Frankie, I usually just say that it`s lika a mixture of Misfits, Distillers and Ramones, it`s been called street punk by others, which I guess is as good a label as any. It`s punk rock and its energetic. 



I know you have played alot of gigs , does it  ever happen that you  get nervous before a show?


- Oh for sure, but the times when there`s a little pre-gig nerves are usually the best gigs, with the greatest release when on stage. I was so nervous when we we`re supporting GBH that I made the band scratch a song of the setlist haha. 



What advice would you give to beginners with a dream of a music career?


- I`m not the right person to ask that, since I haven`t yet quit my day-job haha, but you know, as with anything I think you should just go for it and work hard, not wait for anyone else to discover you, you have to do the work yourself. I think it`s almost more about grit and how strong the will is to succeed than the raw talent.  



 What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?


- I enjoy all kinds, I like the summer night outside stadium ones with big international rock bands as well as the intimate dark cellar pub gigs. It`s all about the energy. 


Photo Lisa Bäckström


As a girl , have you experienced being underestimated musically?


- Yes definitely, many times, i think it`s the story of lots of female musicians life more or less. Also when I`ve been somewhere with my partner, people have asked him if he`s a musician, and haven`t even considered to ask me. I am however an optimist and think all of this sexist bullshit will get better pretty soon. I see a lot of awesome female musicians that aren`t afraid to take the space they deserve in all kinds of music genres. 



Is it difficult for  you  to balance your music-career with your personal life?


- No not really, My partner is very understanding and supporting and most of us in the band have similar situations in life with work and/or school and stuff, so we cut each other some slack I think. But ask me again in august when I`ve produced a little mini Frankster that`s gonna be competing for my time hehe. 


Listening to your records (Fuck Frankie)  , i can hear you have your own sound  , is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?


- No I think our sound just comes naturally. We`re lucky to have a bit of a range when it comes to musical influences within the band, but somehow no matter who of us comes up with a song it always sounds Fuck Frankie, some of it off course is thanks to Mathildas Vocals, they are pretty hard to mistake for someone elses.


And last but not least , what  goals do you wanna reach with your music?


- Our common goal I think is to have a platform to voice opinions, observations and feelings. It`s a creative outlet for all of us. 




Thanks to Lisa for this interview !


- Thanks =D 


 Be sure to check out her outrageously good band Fuck Frankie !



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