Interview with: Fuck Frankie!

Frankie consists of:

vocals: Mathilda "Elvira Bira" Sundin

Guitar: Oriane "Orri" Reinberg

Guitar: Lisa Bckstrm

Bass: Gustav Wadman

Drums: Jovan "Jsses" Sandberg

(Pictures ByBjorn Pettersson )

Photo :Fuck Frankie

"Fuck Frankie has existed as a band since the summer of 2010 when it was spawned out of the strange and disturbing match of Jsses and Lisa. Gustav was also a part of the band right from the beginning, even if it was without him knowing it. Mathilda, maybe better known as Elvira Bira joined the band that fall after the trio hadn?t tried out any of the people that applied for the job. Mathilda was just the misfit for the part. And last but not least, after a handfull of guitarists has come and gone, Orri took the place as lead guitarist, guess forth time?s the charm.

Being a part of this meltingpot of rocker, punk, metal, whatever degenerates is hard to describe, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes it?s some kind of undefinable thing in between. However, it?s an interesting and dynamic part of the live for these weirdoes to which the product of this perfectly chaotic collision, the music, testifies. " - From Fuck Frankies Biography

Where are you all from?

Gustav: -Solna

Lisa: -Uppsala

Mathilda: -Lund

Orri: -Stockholm

Jsses: -I`m from my mom and dad

What year was the band started and how did you meet?

Lisa: -It started in 2010. My best friend had a crush on Jsses for a short while until she realized he was taken. Thats how me and him started running in to each other.

Jsses: -We met Gustav at a pub and yelled at him because he missed the first rehearsal. Gustav had never been informed about the rehearsal.

Lisa: -I internet stalked Mathilda for a while and then asked her to joined the band.

Mathilda: -Because I`m so awesome.

Jsses: -and after a couple of other guitarists we got Orri.

How would you describe you music ?

Gustav: -Loud!

Orri:- Punkalischious.

What inspires you to do music?

Jsses: -Anger. People.

Mathilda: -Music is about sending a message

Lisa: -as well as conveying a feeling as I think jsses tried to explain.

Photo :Fuck Frankie

Wich topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

Orri: -most of our lyrics are observational, about society as well as our everyday life.

Mathilda: -It can be anything from injustice to human relationships, mostly based on our own experiences.

Does Fuck Frankie have any bands/ artists it has gotten influenses from?

Gustav: -We all have our own influences but I guess some mutual ones are Misfits and Ramones

Mathilda: -Also Otep, the Distillers and Hole.

What advice would you give to other bands and artists out trying to get noticed?

Lisa: -Well we are still working on that ourselves so if anyone else has any, let us know!

Mathilda: -Never give up!

Gustav: -Play Louder

Fuck frankie has a sound wich is easy to recognize . As soon as a song starts playing you imidietly know due to Mathildas Raspy vocals.

Theyalso have a selftitled Demo and a fulllenght album called Hate me.

Demo Album: Hate Me

Do you have any plans for going in the studio and make a new record?

Lisa: -Funny you should ask

Jsses: -We`re in the studio recording, right now!

Mathilda: -DIY

Photo :Fuck Frankie

On the demo you have the song <Cunt> ( wich also has a kickass musicvideo on youtube , check it out! )

what inspired you to write/make that song/video?

Mathilda: -Why are people producing so many weapons in the world? To kill People. That's fucked up.

Lisa: -we really wanted this song to get around so we made a video with what we had (no money and a cheap home video camera) But it turned out pretty cool considering!

On your full lenght album <Hate me> you have a more heavier sound than on your demo , is this something that will continue on to your next record?

Lisa: The upcoming album is going to have a little bit of both. There`s some really heavy and aggressive songs and some more melodic ones as well.

Fuck Frankie has been playing concerts reguraly , but did/do you ever expirience difficulties getting booked due to musical genreor on the steriotypes of how punk is portraited in the media?

Lisa: Offcourse, thats why we play underground pubs and get payed in beer.

Photo :Fuck Frankie

Any words for your fans out there?

Jsses: We are very happy about you!

Mathilda: You guys are awesome and we love to play so go on and get us booked!

Orri: Thank you Cleveland!

If you havent heard this band yet , i strongly reccomend that you do!

Here you can buy their Demo:http://fuckfrankiesthlm.com/?post_type=album&p=9
Here you can buy their album :http://fuckfrankiesthlm.com/?post_type=album&p=19

I have a copy of each myself and I must say:
This will be well spent money , people!







Thanks to Fuck Frankie for this interview!

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