Review: The Casualties - Chaos Sound

After almost 4 years , The Casualties has finally released a new album!
And its notdisappointing!

Picture by Angela Boatwright

Chaos sound is a slightly different album then their last , Restistance.
Its less metal and more punk , but still strong lyrics and moshpit triggering guitar riffs!

The acapella intro is sung by Angie , and gives the album the kick-start it deserves.

This album has it all ! :good sound , good artwork and good lyrics and insane backup screams!

You will have a punkrockin` good time from start to finish listening to this rawpunk piece of art!

The song "Brothers and sisters"has guest vocals by Death by Stero`s vocalist Efrem"The Bean" Schulz .
Which gets quite catchy as it goes and finally gets stuck in your head.

The Casualties also inclueded a cover of Mortorhead`s song R.A.MO.N.E.S.
This isthe bands tribute to the departed legend himself: Lemmy .
Its sungby the bandsbassplayer , Rick Lopez.
He sings it like its meant to , with pride and respect!
This is one of the best covers Ive heard in a while.

Also, on the song "Countdown to tomorrow" the intro is played by Paul Miner.
The classical music gives you a darkmindset , but it quickly changes into full on mind-riot when the guitars sets in!

Favorite song of the album:Running through the night
Why: Great bassline , good vocals , catchyriffs and brainsticking lyrics!

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