New Generation Riot Girls!

New generation Riot Girls!

You will find Riot Girls where ever you go , in every shape , sizes and styles.
They are everywhere and will allways exist..
Sometimes you cant even spot them , cause they enjoy the moment of surprise.

With a such a liberated musicscene there is a huge variety of punk / metal girl bands out there , who are to be discovered and is going strong!

Photo: Mathilda Sundin / Fuck Frankie

As a girl drummer myself , im glad to say ive NEVER expirenced beeing underestimated musically or questioned if I know what im doing.
But I know of artists who have ,and it unacceptablel to treat a fellow musicsian differently based on their gender.

But times are changing for the better I dare say !

Photo : Brody Dalle / The Distillers

Heres a list over Riot Girls bands (Some active and some not , but still as awesome! ):
The Distillers
Fuck Frankie
Drunk Diggery
Retching Red
Kiss My Acid
Elvira Bira
Blood Command
Thug Murder
Obsessive Compulsive
The Last Gang
Besser Bitch
Maid Of Ace
Sla Knivar
I Like To Tell Men That They Can't Handle Two Things
Molly G
Hands of Gretel
Dead End Lane
Brains all gone
Girl Fixer
The Smears
The Ramonas

Photo : Brody Dalle

Do you know a Riot Girl bandi havent listed? Please let me know in the comment-section below , and I will check it out! :D
I reccomend you all to check these bands out!

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03.02.2016 kl.22:25

Beyond Pink, Krsbrsfettera, Rabbit Thunder

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03.02.2016 kl.22:48

Anonym: Takk! Skal sjekke de ut!:)


18.02.2016 kl.14:18

Cervix, Lavabangs, By The Way :)

Trendkilling Music

18.02.2016 kl.14:21

Jojo: Thanks! I will check them out!:D

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